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Reflections 18FB09

I have not done much reflective blogging of late. I've been so busy with the new business on top of teaching 4 classes. One online class is over and another one is starting tomorrow, 3 classes in Austin just had mid-terms and I think it's time to reflect. I'll be grading frantically.

I love teaching art. I am really good at it too. My students are growing in their abilities before my eyes. Today my most negative student took a tiny bit of advice I gave in passing and she surpassed her expectations by far. Now even though she is a neat freak and hates to get dirty she is using powdered graphite because of the control she can get with values. At the other extreme, one of my super loose students came to me for critique. We were lucky to have two fine models today. The levels of professionalism AND the levels of experimentation both went soaring during the session. I was so proud of the class.

I also love my new business team at Bridging Futures. I have been part of two startups in the last few years, neither have actually started up. This new one, Bridging Futures, is just as demanding as the others, but in contrast it is starting up. I am confident in the combination of talents and vision that it will work. My part as resident artist has morphed into website content wrangler but I've been in that position before and I am able to craft elements of the websites in collaboration with a partner who knows art history.

It's warm in Texas and things are popping out of the ground and buds are starting to bloom. All in all a good spring moment. I hope your day is full of pleasant reflections as well.
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