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Selling Art

A friend introduced me to a store owner who took a few pieces to consider hanging. Now it's time to follow up and my friend reminded me of the repeat calls needed to close a sale. I am pondering the roll of art sales in my life.

I understand the dedication and repeat exposure needed to complete the circle of sales. The way I see it is that time spent on sales eats into art making time and since I have a job teaching art, then a job selling art added to the teaching art job added to the new business would mean I have no job Making Art. Ooops:-) So my way is to bring in the money in some other realm, spend it on art supplies and play making art, and if the art itself happens to sell so be it. Seeing art-making as play does not make it less valuable to me it is completely necessary play and a realm of personal expression and exploration.

Exhibiting internationally as a mail artist also fulfills the function of the art to be seen, to communicate and to be appreciated. The gift economy of mail art is a perfect fit for me and has been for decades.

Selling means exploring leads and following trails of hope:-) By the time you "sell" to a gallery space your work is still not sold for money; it's just earned the position to be hung on a wall to wait to be sold. Usually a framing cost is involved too. When a show lands in my lap I may take it, hang the work, promote, have a party, and loose or if lucky break even on money. I do love to see my work hanging in people's homes and have seen some of my sold pieces spectacularly displayed. I think my work is valuable but the greater value is in the experience of making it. That experience feeds my ability to teach art (at which I am brilliant) and to work in other creative capacities that do earn money. So, I feel the reward of making art earns money in a round about way.

Now with graphic recording I've found a way that is a more direct connection between art-making and art selling and I'm quite happy evolving the graphic recording niche.
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