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Graphic Recording into Live Treasure Mapping

One of my favorite meeting places is the Japanese Gardens in Zilker Park. A client wanted me to do a graphic recording of her evolving buisness ideas, possibly to use on her website to illustrate blog posts.  We sat on this bench in the gardens in front of a koi pond and she talked about her dreams and goals for her buisness and I sketched with my new Dr. P.H. Martin's Radiant Inks.  (They are so habit forming!)  The red boxy thing beside me is a folding water holder.  It's a new piece of gear for me and really works well to hold water and around the side are pockets to keep brushes upright and within easy reach.

Here i am with a page of yesterday's sketches.  I spaced them so that they could be digitized and cropped and used as jpgs but my client wants to frame some of them.  Yikes, it will be a challenge to separate and frame the good ones from the also rans.  I think I will learn to space out the drawings and use more sheets of paper. 

Honoria with garden graphic recording

We got kicked out of the garden before sunset because they closed a 5:30:-(  If we hadn't been evicted we could have kept on going and I'm sure the drawings would have progressed.  It takes a while to warm up with conversation and find the important visuals to capture. My client was happy to walk home with two pages of sketches.

Here is her report of the session:
The inks are dried and the paintings are beautiful and speaking to my heart!  I love the vibrant colors! The one of me speaking in public with bright energy vibrating from inside out is resonating with me the most... It is so interesting and exciting to feel that I will be one day speaking on stage to a large crowd... 
Thank you so much, Honoria! For me, this is so much better than using pictures to do treasure mapping because paintings and colors intrigued more imagination and energy and I felt that I co-created those paintings with you, instead of using someone's pictures.  I will try to put  those completed ones in one page and frame it to put it in my office! 
Maybe, that's one service you can market  - Live Treasure Mapping with Honoria! 
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