honoriartist (honoriartist) wrote,

Fugitive Color Warning

Interview by Honoria with Radiant Watercolor background

Each year before SXSW Interactive I go on a number of art supply shopping adventures and this is no exception. I've bought some of the super bright Dr. P.H. Martin's radiant colors for this year. Yesterday I was talking about them to someone who works at Asel's in Austin and she told me that although the colors are powerful they are also fugitive. When an artist uses the term "fugitive" they mean changeable by light. So the radiant colors are good for the purpose of doing very bright drawings and then digitizing them before they start to fade. It's a very good thing I learned about the fugitive nature of those inks before SXSW because I offer my originals for sale too. So I am rethinking my color palette for the conference and leaving most (but not all) the radiants behind. I will know that I can only use the radiants for drawings that will be available ONLY in digital form.
Tags: art, drawing, fugitive color

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