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pinhole camera


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Pixton for training
pinhole camera

Pixton is a Canadian company that offers web comics for training. This is my first little trial comic that could be used for our clients to create training illustrations. http://pixton.com/comic/qbxywh9r

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Hi Honoria, thanks for posting about Pixton! I just wanted to make a couple of points.

It's by no means obvious, but you can make your embedded comic wider by wrapping the Pixton embed code in the following tag:

<lj-embed width="600">
[Pixton embed code]

You can change the "600" part if necessary, to match the width of your post. I'm going to add instructions to this effect on our website - so thanks for alerting me to this issue! It's specific to Live Journal.

Secondly, we don't allow commercial use of comics yet, at least not without our express permission. Pixton authors retain full ownership of their submissions, but not of the images generated by the website. Just something to be aware of!

best wishes,
Clive Goodinson
(CEO, Pixton Comics)

Thanks for clarifying Clive, Of course, we would work with you if our clients wanted to use the Pixton service to create training:-) I'm very excited about the possibilities.

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