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Proposal for Live Art Blogging

I have been starting my teaching semester and took a wild art trip to Marfa,
Now back to looking at my schedule.
Here is my proposal for Live Art Blogging of tech conferences in modernist abstractions.  

Problem:  After a stimulating conference, attendees' notes lay black and white and sometimes unreadable on the page while vital insights are bright, yet fading in participants' memories.

Solution:  Honoria Starbuck creates live colorful abstract artworks that zing with the high energy in the conference room.  Honoria's drawings highlight epiphanies and explore expanding new directions with dynamic aesthetic gusto.  These abstract drawings keep the open nature of inquiry buzzing in the wake of the conference.

Proposal:  Honoria will attend and record events at your conference creating a series of 11 x 14 or 14 x 17 original watercolor and ink drawings live in the keynote and breakout rooms.  The resulting drawings can be scanned, posted on the web, used in reports, published as a book, or matted and framed as fine art originals.  Honoria shares the rights to the digital images with the client.

Cost:  $100 supplies + $200 per conference hour.  A discounted rate of $100/conference hour when I am extremely interested in a topic and the conference is local.

Deliverables: Client will receive his or her choice of one original artwork and digital copies for drawings of each hour of conference, often there are 2 drawings per hour. This pair often breaks down into 1 presentation drawing and 1 Q&A drawing. Sometimes there are even 3 or more drawings such as in SXSW 08 in the Black Tech Bloggers panel - that was the most productive panel I've ever recorded - 7 drawings in the form of haiga. Samples of the work from SXSW 09 can be seen at http://picasaweb.google.com/honoria.starbuck/SXSW2009Drawings?authkey=Gv1sRgCOne4oGg_ZG5twE&feat=directlink
 I do often incorporate words into the drawings as added aesthetic elements, not as note taking.

Productivity: I generate abstract interpretations of specific topics in an exciting conference of one drawing per hour or more.

Contact: If you like abstraction, color and creative paper trails of thought-leadership-in-action please contact: honoria 512-736-9394

Please don't hesitate to call for more information.

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