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Hanging art in the blogosphere

While attending the great Interaction Austin 2009 conference I got some thoughtful and appreciative reviews of my Live Art Blogging variation of Graphic Recording.  Now requests have been coming in to use my drawings from the event to decorate the blogs of attendees and interested parties.  For example I'm hanging in the clouds in Ynema Mangum's Cloud Computing blog at Sun Microsystems.

And it's a mighty fine blog to hang in. For example, I love Ynema's past and future timeline of Web point number described in the blog because it gives me a preview of the future in which to place the paths of my students at the Art Institute of Austin, most of whom are heading into the new media and animation concentration.  Of course bodies (avatars, characters) and their gestures are going to be important for reaching across cultural and language differences in the cloud as we see in the move toward more and more visual training and people-produced video and audio entertainment freely distributed and consumed over the web. 

OK students!  We are heading for the clouds!

The knowledge economy (Web 2.0) is driven by people who now have tools for collaboration and connection to each other.  Folksonomies and trusted content rule and businesses now find themselves required to have 2 way or multiple level conversations with their constituents. Conversation and your social network is king, with consumers largely driving technology innovation and adoption.


The cloud economy (Web 3.0) is about the democratization of raw computing resources, allowing anyone to be a developer and deliver a service with virtually no IT infrastructure.  Problems that were in the realm of IT will be resolved by knowledge workers.  Cloud computing will be the infrastructure for the vast and complex "social brain" which will dictate the direction and relevance of the conversation.  This provides the building blocks for the next economy.

The experience economy (Web 4.0) is enabled by the cloud infrastructure and technology improvements (such as TB/s bandwidth speed) that will enable truly real-time interaction between a person's physical and virtual social networks.  Devices will become smaller and the large portion of computing will be done in "the cloud".  The "experience" will be immersive and real-time.

-- Ynema Mangum, product line manager for cloud computing at Sun Microsystems
where her role is to understand the ecosystem
and help shape the confluence of people and cloud computing and
who believes in the awesome power of Windex and comes form a VERY large family.

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