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pink lady squiggle painting from Vino Vino by Honoria Starbuck squiggle painting from Vino Vino by Honoria Starbuck
Last night we went to Vino Vino after dinner and I continued the squiggle characters.  As our Drawing for Animation textbook states, you never know what will be hiding in a squiggle. In my case, memories are in there.  When I was a girl, my Uncle Laddie who taught me to paint made hundreds of decorative heads, as we called them in my family.  Many were profiles of people in fancy headdresses and hats painted on brown paper in gouache and watercolors. I think he started them with squiggles or random found shapes or photos now that I think of it.  I have a number of them.  They were always some of Uncle Laddie's decorative head paintings framed and grouped in the homes of my family.  I have a painting he did on a piece of bark in which he just darkened some of the patterns in the bark to create a portrait.  When I'm doing these I do feel reconnected to my dear Uncle Laddie art teacher.  The pink one, the last of the Vino Vino Saturday night series, started as a finger painted doodle with fingers dipped in the opera pink pan and squiggled over wet paper added the ink with the

Squiggle painting  from Vino Vino by Honoria StarbuckSquiggle painting from Vino Vino by Honoria Starbuck
These 4 are on 5 x 7 inch 100% cotton vellum finish pH neutral Stonehenge paper in Winsor and Newton watercolor and Prismacolor archival fine line markers. Price: 50 cents a square inch.

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