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Faculty Lecture: Artist and Internet Citizen

Honoria Starbuck delivering Facult Lecture at the Art Institute of Austin
I volunteered to be the first faculty talk of the lecture season.    Three of my students, Chris Christyn and Josh, kindly served as human easels to display my work as I talked.  After the talk the audience came up to the student helpers and talked to them about the work they were holding and they felt happy to be the point of interaction.  Here are the notes for the talk.

Honoria Starbuck, Ph.D.
Artist and Internet Citizen
Art Institute of Austin Faculty teaching Anatomy and Drawing  Life Drawing and Gesture and Observational Drawing

I attend high-tech conferences as an artist and participate in the globally networked culture of web communications where I record dynamic thought-leadership in action. At first I was afraid I was too abstract for left-brained business people, but found home with thought leaders in the creative entrepreneurial Web.

As an artist I have attended the following conferences
The Singularity Summit 2007 in San Francisco
SXSW Interactive 2007, 08 and 09
Interactive Austin 2009
Smaller meetings such as the Futurists of Austin

Inspired by Modernism
I am inspired by non-objective art of modernism such as Kandinsky and Klee, as well as other abstract artists such as Miro and most recently Hilla Rebay is my inspiration.

New emerging shared aesthetics are growing on the web.
Patterns of flow and collectives of art creators,  appreciators and teachers gather at places such as Deviantart.com, conceptart.org, Youtube.com and many blogs.

My work is about interactions and what results from interactions.
I find the conferences to be rich in abstract ideas and visions of the future.
My interpretations of the dynamics of the room and visions of outside the room are in ink, watercolor, and collage.

My art is digitized and posted on the web where panelists and keynote speakers can find it.
My drawings of the cloud computing panel at IA09 appear on Ynema Mangum's Cloud Computing blog at Sun Microsystems. http://blogs.sun.com/humancloud/entry/honoria_starbuck_picturing_the_cloud

I record the shifting ideas in abstract forms and snippets of conversations. 
These collect in abstract and connected patterns of meaning that are distributed back onto the Web through Social Media venues where they collide with more ideas and creative projects.

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