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pinhole camera


honoria in ciberspazio

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Vision Boarding Workshop
pinhole camera
At the last vision boarding workshop in Januay people envisioned new homes, new loves, and new career paths and it's amazing how many achieved a path change and even realization of their visions. Especially the love part. Wow!

I was a non-believer at best when I attended the workshop, but I'm now keenly interested in the next workshop. There a few spots open so if you are in Austin and want to envision of your future in an amazing new location overlooking Town Lake with some really cool facilitators including a psychologist, a business-focused social worker, and an artist (me) check out the invite at http://www.facebook.com/home.php#/group.php?gid=137873785380

To balance the group we will be happy for a few more men to sign up.