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pinhole camera


honoria in ciberspazio

gallery + reflections

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Spring 09 Vision Board
pinhole camera
Collage of magazine images assembled into a vision board by Honoria Starbuck

My vision for Spring 09 is to clear the air of all albino alligators? No, I just had to cut out that picture and add it.
The central vision is Willem DeKooning's hand with paint brush and canvas. 
Art is in the middle. 
That's a pic of Angelina Jolie's pucker by Brad Pitt.   Also central - fun and affection!
Beaches and water, a bag of gold and a rice field, growing students in the fertile paddies of art history. with Louise Nevelson and Matisse in the mix and a bike.  Also a blue yatch for my brother Hoppy and Fnurling & Fnurling "you'll never float alone" yatch finders.