honoriartist (honoriartist) wrote,

fundraising and new voices

I spent the last 2 daze in a fundraising seminar for my job. I met people who are doing great work for non-profits such as people who run homeless shelters, people helping the ecology, people who work with the mentally ill, people who fight for equality issues of minorities, women, people with disabilities, . . . people dedicating their lives to making a positive difference in the world! Wow. I was honored to be with them. They were from the service providing side of the process as well as from the funding agencies and foundations. Amazing!

Being there made me realize that what I'm studying as a secondary part of my dissertation is women in mail art. I'm not stating a feminist agenda up front but I am privileging the comments of women mail artists. Hey why not, men have been promoting themselves for 30 years, why not hear from some fresh voices? I'm also looking at younger generation all along any gender continuum and almost subconsciously comparing the new views to the views that were prevalent when I started, 15 years ago.

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