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A meeting about Nothing - Honoria's product du jour
pinhole camera
Agenda for a meeting about a non-existent logo, slogan, and title.
flip chart agenda for a meeting about nothing A meeting about nothing. 
Is nothing happening on your project?
What’s stopping the creative energy in your organization?
Is there a non-productive lull in your team?

What is the nothing that’s getting in the way?
Honoria Starbuck will facilitate a generative meeting around and about and over that nothing.

An active creative environment in which participants creatively organize and reorganize team goals and project concepts using visual thinking, play, emergent design and principles of adult learning.
The creative class of Austin at work.
Based on my experience facilitating the activity at the City of Austin Comprehensive Plan VizThink meeting, this is a perfect service for me to
I'm on it!

Making PPT right now to serve as case study.

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That's a great idea! Good luck with it.

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