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Bridging Futures Learning Social Event

honoria holding drawing of an eyeball with the word vision under it

Me evangelizing the Bridging Futures Visioning Series.

Photo by Rino Rizzi

Bridging Futures (Sherry, Anna, and Honoria) had a party.  The social gathering featured learning stations, research data gathering, and funky prizes from Toy Joy.  My job was to introduce the Bridging Futures set of visioning offerings.  We have 3 Visioning products. First, the Vision Board Workshop is a wide open exploration of visual symbols for personal goals.  The workshop begins with guided meditation to welcome participants into a safe yet exciting mode to explore their unique visions.  Participants collage vision boards from magazine pages, pictures from their collections, words, and drawings.   The vision boards can be very poetic or visually lovely. The finished vision boards serve as a reminder when one's busy life clouds your goals and visions.  The next offering in the vision line is the Your Vision on Hot Wheels workshop in which participants get to project manage one of the visions laid out on the vision board.  This follow-up workshop is a practical set of practices designed to build a map of steps to actually realize visions.  Finally, we offer a specifically business focused vision session called Sculpting your Business Vision.  This workshop includes visual images and practical techniques applied to actualizing a business vision.  Our  organizational development team developed this Business Visioning offering that can be customized for a start-up all the way to a corporate executive or team.  The visioning offerings are really fun and have strong application to daily life and success.  Learn more at bridgingfutures.com
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