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Guy Kawasaki points to Kotler for the Single Slide Marketing 3.0. Kawasaki believes in the 10-slide pitch and I totally agree with his argument that clean and clear high-level introduction to the team and it's magic is the best first step to get to the second meeting. Kawasaki's pitch theory goes with the Presentation Zen and Beyond Bullet Points philosophy too. I love to teach these methods when remaking text-heavy PPTs for training.

These slides from Kawasaki's blog show how Visioning fits into contemporary business thinking. My team at Bridging Futures uses a full-day visioning workshop as the opening portal to success thinking. The Your Vision on Hot Wheels is a half-day workshop, the next step in the visioning path, to actually plot a map to a selected vision. These charts give me ideas for charting Bridging Futures use of visioning for local businesses and non-profits.
 Holy Kaw! All the topics that interest us Phil Kotler explains Marketing 3.0 in one slide Johnson's matrix
From a review of Kotler's new book by Robert Morris:
When concluding their brilliant book, Kotler and Caslione quote Arie de Geus's observation, "The natural average lifespan of a corporation should be as long as two or three centuries." What are the common characteristics of companies that have remained in business for that long, or longer? Arie de Geus cites four: sensitivity to their world around them, awareness of their identify, tolerance to new ideas, and conservatism in financing. Today's business leaders need to recognize and take into full account "the new normality - heightened turbulence and chaos." With the capable assistance of Philip Kotler and John Caslione, they will be much better prepared to respond effectively to it.
The following chart shows Bridging Futures visioning process for individuals and organizations.  As Anna Carroll says, "Your vision is the DNA of your business."   We focus on business visions, and as the chart indicates, personal visions form the foundation for business visions.  After vision clarity the next Bridging Futures step is productivity.  We support new levels of productivity when we facilitate mastermind groups working in 6-month sessions to build products and services.  The end result is Message that is based on clear vision and focused productivity.
Bridging Futures' vision flow chart

We have conducted some original research on visioning and the direction it can take you. Read more about visioning on the Bridging Futures Blog.
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