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Talking Stick Questions for Observational Drawing

In order to create more interesting and practical critiques for my students I create pages of talking stick questions for students to pass around when they talk about each others homework.

The assignment was to draw a favorite object at home using 2 different drawing media. This evening this set of talking stick questions will jump start the conversation. Most students will say "I like that one", and then stop.

To increase this flat one sentence thinking into more of a paragraph supported by observation and analysis, the set of questions starts with 2 fact analysis questions and ends with an open ended interpretation question. This system helps students to go deeper into their observation of visual products and to increase their vocabulary.

Observational Drawing
Talking Stick Questions Pass this around the class as you are finished.
Select one of the drawings to discuss. Observe the drawing closely.
  1. What drawing media is the drawing created with? For example: charcoal and ink, pastel and graphite?
  2. What techniques did the artist use? For example: a line drawing, a value drawing, a combination of techniques?
  3. What is the story or overall feeling of this drawing?  For example: if this drawing was in a storyboard or game design sketch what may have happened before this panel or after?


        What is the mood of the drawing?
        What specifically about the drawing causes your impression of story or mood?
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