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pinhole camera


honoria in ciberspazio

gallery + reflections

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Color Question
pinhole camera
color samples for exterior paint OC09
Color swatches for exterior paint.
Which one do you think?

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I like the green (because I usually like green!) and the blue third from the left. This is a very cool-looking house. My husband is an architectural designer and we are into modern design even though we live in an old farmhouse.

That was me - Alice - above.

Is it going to be all one colour or various sections in different colours? I like the three clustered at the far left of the picture; I also like the green (maybe as an accent colour rather than for the entire building?), the bright blue to its left and the bluish grey to its right--but not necessarily all three in combination.

The house looks like it's going to be *amazing*. Congratulations!

Actually, the green with one of the dark greys could be very smart.

colors, colors, colors!

I love the first blue and the green!!!! Diane

Hello Honoria,
we prefer the blue 7th from left or the green in case you choice one single color.

;-)) Karin + Gunter

Thanks for your colorful thoughts

We have 3 more colors - coming soon.

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