honoriartist (honoriartist) wrote,

Art Strike

I am making a glossary for the dissertation so I took the time warp back to Art Strike today and found a repository of hilarious issues of Yawn. Stephen Perkins told me that Lloyd Dunn who published Yawn lives in Prague these days.

In 1989 and Art Strike for the years 1990-1993 was announced by the Neoist group and Stewart Home in London. The idea of Art Strike caused free form critical debate around concepts of art, work, and social values. The Mail Art Network responded to the Art Strike with a barrage of discussion, some serious and some in fun. Some artists stopped making art and worked on social projects, others ignored the strike. Lloyd Dunn interpreted the idea as not a call to stop doing art, but as an invitation to start doing something else. For some Art Strike fun--read back issues of YAWN at http://yawn.detritus.net/

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