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pinhole camera


honoria in ciberspazio

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Mystery Art Envelopes 2009 - Still only $5
pinhole camera

How to buy original art from the 2009 Mystery Art Envelope Sale

Get 5 Honoria Original drawings/paintings in an envelope delivered to your door.
Limited supply of work available.
Go to Pay Pal
Pay $5 into account of Madelyn Starbuck
Be sure to include your address with your payment or email me your address separately.
You will receive a large brown envelope with 5 original art works inside.

I will send you an envelope with 5 ORIGINAL artworks that I have culled from my studio. These will be hand painted or hand drawn original artworks. Yes, that is $1 per drawing or painting! Warning may contain nudity from life drawing sessions.

Buyers outside USA please add $2.00 for extra postage.