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Life Drawing Model Prompts

Building the story-telling chops of students in life drawing is one of our objectives (gestural narrative). Recently I read about using headlines to stimulate the mood for a pose. A professor in Rhetoric and Composition suggested that Onion Headlines were quite concise stories so I collected a list of Onion headlines and gave them to the model.

Here are a few that the model selected to set the mood of the poses.
  • Insane Clown Posse Gets Ride to Concert From Mom
  • Archaeological Dig Uncovers Ancient Race of Skeleton People
  • North Dakota Not Heard from in 48 Hours
  • And also a real headline: Glamorous rogues, Charming gangsters
Using these prompts the model and the class were more relaxed in the approach to the pose and more adventurous in their drawings. The unpredictable theme is almost like a game added to the classroom. Here are some of the drawings.

Life Drawing sequence drawing Nov 2009 Life Drawing with North Dakota theme Nov 2009 Life Drawing with North Dakota theme Nov 2009Life Drawing with North Dakota theme Nov 2009 Life Drawing with North Dakota theme Nov 2009

These are all done with the same model, poses, and theme prompt of North Dakota not heard from in 48 hours. I am proud of the range of interpretations and look forward to more adventures in life drawing and creative writing.

I told the creative writing instructor about the change this technique had on the class and she said she would assign 6 word stories to her writing class. I will use the prompts from her class in my class and hope to create a great installation of the collaboration for a hall exhibition.

Stay tuned for 6 word stories.
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