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Artist Statement Wow!

My students rock.
Want to read a great artist statement from one of them?

Jeremy D. with drawings from Life Drawing and Gesture Fall 2009 Art Institute of Austin

Jeremy D. Artist Statement

My philosophy, is that the most beautiful thing
about art, is that we have all our lives in which to
perfect it. Techniques, in my mind at least, are more like
little tricks of the trade, some unique and some far more
universal. The more tricks I learn the more any piece of
mine stands out. We are beyond being limited to realism
or even symbolism, this is the point where we all really
discover ourselves as artists. Still that discovery will
happen again and again, the further you push your own
skills and creativity, the more often you will have to
reinvent or rediscover what defines your art.

To create art, whether it’s film, music, fine art, or
animation, all leaves me with a better understanding for
the things I love. With every thing I create I get another
little taste of what my future might hold. My
professional goal is to become an artist that is versatile,
able to wear many hats and speak many roles. I want to
be an artist not bound to a single medium, because I
believe that creativity blossoms from freedom better
than anything.
Tags: gesture drawing, life drawing, teaching

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