honoriartist (honoriartist) wrote,

Think…problem solve… and learn!

I've been thinking early every morning. This morning I thought editing thoughts. Previously I've been thinking freewriting thoughts. I have a deadline of Friday to deliver the message board chapter to the editor and the pieced-together hodgepodge of information was SO BORING. I know my committee does not want me to bore them but, it won't be a crisis if I do. It will be the fault of the message boards which really are boring when viewed second hand in a report compared to real mail art which naturally makes exciting visual juxtapositions even when scanned and printed. I can spice the chapter up with screen shots of real mail art posted on message boards and real artistamps, then it will look more fun. The TAM chapter will be more intense because it will be a portrait of one person's passion and the resulting huge website of decades of Ruud's work.

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