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pinhole camera


honoria in ciberspazio

gallery + reflections

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New Year's Resolutions
pinhole camera
  India Ink wash drawing from FuQui09 series by Honoria Starbuck

  1. Daily tai chi
  2. Declutter. Simplify schedule and possessions.
  3. Focus on creating every day.
  4. Curb impulse spending, even on art supplies.
  5. Compile teaching lessons learned and insights

I like having http://zenhabits.net/ on my Google home page.  These resolutions are inspired by Leo.

I would like to collect my experiences, lessons learned and insights on art teaching to make a slide show to share with other art teachers.  One presentation can be on online teaching.  I plan to keep the writing on livejournal and tag the components.  I'd also like to change my honoriastarbuck.com website to make it cleaner and reflect my art teaching rather than graphic recording.