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pinhole camera


honoria in ciberspazio

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Dr. Sketchy Austin January 2010
pinhole camera
2 minute gesture pose gouache and ink drawing by Honoria Starbuck Jan2010 2-minute gesture pose from Dr. Sketchy Austin by Honoria Starbuck Jan 2010
Two-minute gesture sketches from last night's Dr. Sketchy.
A photographer and a massage therapist wanted to buy these.  Neither one had the $100 asking price, however they agreed to trade for professional photography and a massage.  Barter art economy working well in Central TX.

The blue one is on prepared paper that I prepainted with Lukas Gouache Indigo leaving some white areas alone.  The painting is in black and white gouache mostly done with fingers then a bit of black India ink with brush. 

The gold theme was to draw the model as a robot.  This is done in India ink and Gold acrylic ink on 300 lb. Arches watercolor paper. Both drawings are 3" x 7.5"  I made over a dozen last night and there are an additional 8 that I also find interesting.  A couple of these have graphite and charcoal on top fo the paint.  The rust color is a pastel as is the vermillion bikini in the  drawing on pink.

Dr. Sketchy Austin gesture drawings  of Ruby Rocket Jan 2010 by Honoria Starbuck Dr. Sketchy Austin, Jan 2010 gesture drawings of Ruby Rocket by Honoria Starbuck 3 x 7.5 inches each Dr. Sketchy Austin drawings of Ruby Rocket JAN2010 by Honoria Starbuck

Strange after uploading these pictures they disappeared.????