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Model for animators in training

I teach life drawing at the Art Institute of Austin and would like to
contact dancers, actors, and models for the following opportunity.

Models needed for life drawing classes at the Art Institute of Austin
located at 45 and I-35 in Round Rock.
The pay is $50. for each ~3-hour session.

The timing of the classes this semester until June 12th.
- Monday afternoon - Gestures 2-4:45 (bring props and some costumes)
- Monday evening - Anatomy 7-9:45 (nude with some props)
- Tuesday afternoon - Anatomy 2-4:45 (nude with some props)

If you are not comfortable working nude, then skimpy dramatic, fun costumes are welcome in the anatomy class.

Since the students are studying for a career in media arts and
animation we like to offer poses with character elements such as
masks, props, wigs, capes, weapons (toy), and any interesting fabric
you'd like to bring. Most poses are shorter and geared toward the
animation industry. Poses run from 10 seconds to 20 minutes.

To be scheduled for modeling we require a formal application and background
check. If you would like to be a member of our great modeling team
for repeated work please contact Jana Forrest in our HR department to
get the paperwork rolling:-)

(512) 691-1707

If you have questions about this opportunity please don't hesitate to
call me at 512-736-9394
Tags: life drawing, model, teaching

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