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Anatomy students pose the skeleton

life drawing skeleton with student drawings. Art Institute of Austin, Spring 2010 Semester Instructor Honoria Starbuck

One of the most successful experiments in the life drawing for animation course is to layer each drawing in 3 three-minute steps.
The first step is gesture.
The second step is to finish the drawing.
The final step is ADD DRAMA!

Added to the layers is moving from drawing to drawing.  The first layer is gesture done on your paper with medium of choice.  Next I suggest they take with them art supplies to do a finish layer and a drama layer. Then all students move to the next student's drawing to finish the drawing.  For a final Drama layer students move again to the next drawing.  Working on other students' drawing gives students an objective perspective on proportions and basic relationships.  In my experience the collective drawings are much stronger and faster than individual student drawings.

This experience sets the stage for working in the profession when an artist has to pitch in at various levels of project development and contribute to the beginning, middle, or finalization of a project.

The students then apply the 3 layers to their own drawings in timed 3-minute divisions of the same pose.  Amazing results.

I used to use this technique at the end of the term but student feedback caused me to use it early in the term.  On this day I used on day one and the students responded with good work and enthusiasm.
Tags: art, gesture drawing, life drawing, teaching

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