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April 2010 Dr. Sketchy Austin

Gouache and Ink painting of Many Lauderdale modeling for Dr. Sketchy with a cupcake. Drawing by Honoria Starbuck.
Mandy Lauderdale was a great model.  Her co-model Jeff added all kinds of spice to the scenarios.

Three of my students came to the session.  Two of them won contests during the session.  I won the drawing with the most dramatic cupcake contest:-)  So 3 members from our school won!  What fun.  I'm a great teacher.  Teach to win.

2-minute gesture drawings by Honoria from April 2010 Dr. Sketchy with Mandy Lauderdale

For the 2-minute gestures Mandy wore an incredible off-white gown that was really fun to paint in Naples Yellow.  The vermilion was just right for her wig too.  These are pencil drawings painted with gouache.

Mandy Lauderdale posing with Jeff and a leafblower in April 2010 Dr. Sketchy Austin.  Drawing by Honoria Starbuck.

Mandy and Jeff brought some power tools such as this leaf blower. 

Dr. Sketchy Austin ROCKS!
Tags: dr. sketchy, gouache, india ink, life drawing, teaching

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