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Nick Campbell tells me the news

Just found a picture of my back at SXSW interactive.
A video of Nick at


“Learn the hard stuff,” said Campbell.  Campbell explained that knowing the tools is not enough.  Knowing the “how” is not enough.  You need to know the “why”.  In other words, knowing all the buttons in Photoshop, or in whatever design program you are using is something that anyone can learn and use.  However, understanding other aspects of design, such as color theory, typography, art direction, and more is what will help define you as an expert.  Campbell said that the difference that will set you apart is to be able to make “the decisions”.

I was very happy with Nick’s discussion of “the hard stuff” being design, color theory, & drawing as key elements in hiring and successful employment. Our students at AI Austin are being taught the foundations of design and composition, color theory, life and observational drawing as well as learning technical skills. That’s my back in the picture. Hire my students – they have knowledge and skills in that hard stuff! If you have a paid internship for a student who can color theorize with knowledge and confidence call the Art Institute to post your position. The person in charge of student placement is Diane Rouda (512) 691-1721

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