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Ray Johnson in our new house

Photo by Karin Graf Spring 2010

This is the glass on my fantastic Ray Johnson print reflecting the front door of our house.  We have not put any nails in the new walls on which to hang framed art so this framed Ray is leaning on the table in the living room/dining room facing the front door.  The house address numbers when you look at them from inside the house read backwards but because here they are in a reflection, the numbers are turned back around.  We are still moving art around leaning it against things to see where we might hang it.  I'm thinking it would be good to leave a lot of walls blank with some Gertrude Stein type art mobs in selected spots.

I have a floor to ceiling magnetic panel in the entrance way on which to hang new art shows.  Right now the first thing you see as you walk in is the Fire Negative Space Manifesto, but I might replace that soon with some Dr. Sketchy drawings or maybe show some of the SXSWi paintings.

And here's Gertrude herself for your Spring 2010 compositional consideration:

Everything is the same except composition and as the composition is different and always going to be different everything is not the same. So then I as a contemporary creating the composition in the beginning was groping toward a continuous present, a using everything a beginning again and again and then everything being alike then everything very simply everything was naturally simply different and so I as a contemporary was creating everything being alike was creating everything naturally being naturally simply different everything being alike. ("Composition as Explanation" 520)
Tags: art, construction, family, gertrude stein, ray johnson

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