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Why is this woman happy?

There has been some research into happiness I read about in the New Yorker that has me thinking.
I really am happy to be a productive artist, art teacher, and mail artist.
Part of my happiness is through feedback and distribution channels in the Mail Art Network and SlideShare.

Mail Art
I have been distributing my work through the mail art network for decades.  There is a great joy in exchanging work with other artists in mail art's economy of creativity.  Occasionally there is a fundraiser mail art show like the one I am sending work today in Greece to fight cancer in which the free exchange of mail art can help people outside the network.  My rewards from mail art are deep and joyful.  The amazing mail artists I have met over the years and the great Mail Art congresses I have attended continue to inspire me.  Mail art is the largest art movement in history, don't you know?  If you haven't heard of mail art, I cordially invite you to read my dissertation.  http://www.lulu.com/product/paperback/thesis-honoria/10274757

Slideshare Gallery

As a gallery Sldeshare works wonderfully well.
I am happy to see that hundreds of people see my work on http://www.slideshare.net/honoria/  
I am able to point people to the decks from honoriartist.livejournal.com and from facebook and twitter and by writing to presenters such as the people as SXSW Interactive where I did Live Art Blogging paintings during their presentations.  Presentations stay public until I take them down, unlike a gallery show that lasts a month. 

Slideshare for Teaching
I made a teacher presentation of student work and reflections that has over 1,000 views.  The teaching deck may give other teachers and students encouragement and ideas. In addition  I upload private viewing decks on class topics that I access during class to illustrate points and that I can share with my class.

I link Mail Art and Slideshare together because of the open organization of these places of sharing.  Unexpected connections in both can quickly turn into inspiration. 

I take great personal pleasure in my work as a producing artist with a growing audience and by being an effective teacher. 
And that folks is partly  why I'm happy.
There are other KEY reasons I am happy that the attentive reader will my glean from my tag cloud ...

Happy Spring!

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