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Thank you note from a model

I am touched by this note from a model who posed for my class on Monday.  He held great poses for the mid-term drawing test.  It's fascinating to get a glimpse of your work through other eyes.

Thank you for the work opportunity to model for your class last night. I was very much impressed with your teaching skills. It was obvious that your students have great respect for you. I was also amazed at your understanding of model anatomical mechanics. I was much surprised when you identified balance as one of the uniting elements of my final sitting pose. Brilliant observation!

You certainly are a well-studied and gifted instructor. It was an honor to work with you and your class. I hope that I can again get the opportunity to work with you. 

Though difficult, the challenges that you presented were interesting and welcomed. As your students progress they may enjoy drawing some of my gestures. The dynamics of short poses inspire me. I love to feel motion when I view art.

This model's poses were tense, dramatic, and strong!  I look forward to having him pose in all 3 of my classes.
Tags: life drawing, teaching

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