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Art Date Thursday

I had a really lovely day. I planned a Julia Cameron art date with Nancy to go to the museum and galleries.  Since gmail was down I didn't get Nancy's email that she couldn't come to lunch at the museum because of appliance delivery so I headed out to the Blanton Cafe where I found lots of intelligent nuanced academic discussions in progress from the business school and from art history.  Quite a nice mix of overheard conversations. 

My favorite overheard quote:
"They are all dirivatives of the same central issue."
On the bus I had time to dash off some teaching reflections on the ride.

Notes on teaching by Honoria Starbuck

The Blanton had a wonderful Picasso prints exhibit and the Manuel Alvarez Bravo show was drop dead amazing.  It brought back memories of visiting him in Mexico City with Fletcher.  Bravo was an amazing artist. who combined a surrealist vision with a modernist structured eye.  Then I went to Women & Their Work.   The installation at W&TW was a layered and symbolic animation loop that could have been about Global Warming, Katrina or the PB oil spill or any and all of them!   I want to go back to the opening where the discussion will no doubt be fascinating.  Then I saw another show that was kind of mail arty and inspiring for cutting up work and reassembling.  Fun.

I bought a new pair of earrings at  - guess where.

Then I came home on the bus and had time to pick up my mac laptop from the fixer upper place, Happy Mac.  Now I have to upload all that old AIO software on it such as CS3.  They didn't think it would handle CS4.  And I think I found the old MS office to load back on it.  I don't know where my copy of Inspiration is.

I found lots of reports on twitter that gmail was down today.
I also found that my back up email on gmail is still cyberopera.org so must change that to my current school email so that if it happens again I'll be able to fix it faster than 24 hours.

I guess the folks at google are really scrambling today.
Glad I'm an art teacher with the day off!
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