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Artist Statement at mid-term

This is an artist statement that one of my students used to discuss his work.
What grade do you think this student should make?

Student work Life Drawing Mid-Term May 2010 - Instructor Honoria Starbuck

Midterm Artist Statement

Life Drawing and Gesture


         I consider myself an observer of humanity, a studier of the mind. Pursuit of knowledge on this subject has brought me through fields of study such as psychology, sociology, and classic literature, but art has been with me all along. With my art I hope to capture something that speaks to a shared subconscious, like archetypes in stories that have lasted for thousands of years and still spark a feeling of relevance to our innermost connecting fibers that tie society together.

         In the art I chose for this presentation I hoped to represent two different aspects. One is the piece that is primarily lines of action followed by basic anatomical landmark details, in this one I find it interesting that with such minor details one can read so much action into them. I believe that even if this was simplified down further one would still be able to find a way to put human qualities onto it and it is this act, a trait seen in art as far back as humans have drawn on cave walls, I find to be fascinating. In the other two pieces I spent more time to find ways to add emotional weight to a scene and to explore what kind of story one could create with a single panel.

         In my future with this class I hope to explore this further due to my future not leading me down a path of animation but instead more towards illustration where a single panel is all I hope to need to show every detail of a human emotion I wish to convey to an audience.

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