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Teaching Schedule for Summer

I found out that I'll be teaching 4, not 3 classes at AIA in the summer.  Should be good.
2 gesture classes, 1 anatomy, and 1 observational drawing.  A good combo.

The opening at Women & Their Work was great.  Lots of intellectual conversation from the artist and diverse panel.  There were
scientists, artists, curators and AMODA's Todd on the panel.  The conversation leaped from the work of art to a number of perspectives on global issues providing much food for thought.  None of my students showed up but another teacher brought her whole class.

I think I'll go to more openings but the ones at women&TW are always smarter than the purely social and buying openings.

And here's where one of my mail arts went.
No Commercial Potential works are published in http://itsonlymailartnocommercial.blogspot.com/
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