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pinhole camera


honoria in ciberspazio

gallery + reflections

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visual poetry data
pinhole camera
Had a nice meeting with tutor, Amanda. I wish I taped it. We went page by page through the pile of prints from the chapter and I told her what I thought each mail artist was trying to say with the piece. It was good to talk to her, and not think of writing to my committee. She is a poet and has some experience with widening circles of contacts between poets. She also defined visual poetry for me but in a rather conservative manner almost like when poems are written to make pictures. It was good to share my enjoyment of the visual poetry I received for my research with a poet.

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Poet Tree Bears Koalty Blossom Oppossum MOONs

honori rah
poet tree is growing
hear these from thom the world poet
thom lives and THRIVES! in austin, texas. do you thom ?
is thom thing goin' on ?
what thom is it ?
diggin shinindoah

For three nights-more poetry than sleep
If one reflection-can cause such distraction
think of the attraction (one person's manifesting)-
to make a peace as long as Light continues
when every heartbeat is an antidote to conflict
and every insomniac votes for more Light!
THOM NOV 21,2002

WHEN McQuinn's Feathered Pens WERE BANNED
When they tended to fly into jet engines
Trees cut down-when roads and houses...
Rivers damned-when floods and droughts
And we were told-war was no choice
Meanwhile-some birds still fly
Some trees survive
Some rivers flow free
Same earth-Different Spin!
Non/Contested poetry.
THOM NOV 20,2002

Oh and Tanken for Granite, that NEW MOVIE where Dakotah Fanning Cub can stop TIME and wears a Helmet!...
is dew for outtakes soon with My Call My Errors not the "Ginch who stole Gizmos" one, that other one: "The Cat in The Satin Winnie the Pooh Vat".

Wear Living Koala Bears for Warmth and Wiggle. advice for living laughter bye rainrien

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