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Watercolor, gouache and collage postcard Mail Art by Honoria May 2010
This is my postcard in gouache, watercolor and collage for  the TUFA Mail Art Exhibition in Trier.

Celebrate the 25th anniversary of the TUFA in Trier with the Mail Art Project! In 2010 the Arts Centre of the City of Trier, the cloth factory (locally known as the Tuchfabrik, abbreviated to TUFA,) .

TUFA was indeed a cloth mill, producing cloth. Now the TUFA is an arts centre, producing cultural assets with theatre, music, art, dance, literature etc. The TUFA has excellent exhibition rooms in which we would like to feature a jubilee display. You can join in!
Artists, painters, graphic artists, photographers, poets and those who would like to be, coming from Trier and its partner towns throughout the world: LET'S HEAR FROM YOU BY POST!
Please send us an artistic postcard on the theme of TUFA the Arts Centre, on the subject of cloth and/or celebrating our birthday. Any format that reaches us by post will be admitted.
All original work signed and stamped reaching us by 30th June 2010 (no emails please) will be included in the autumn 2010 exhibition. Your postcards will be uploaded onto the internet and we hope to create an exhibition catalogue.

What will happen to the postcards after the exhibition?
We would like to take care of the cards, perhaps to exhibit them in one or several partner towns, or auction them for charitable causes.

Send your postcards to:
TUFA Trier
Wechselstrasse 4-6
54290 Trier
Tags: collage, gouache, mail art

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