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pinhole camera


honoria in ciberspazio

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pinhole camera
Altered Peabody ducks card honoria MY10
altered postcards of famous tourist sights from all over the world. All incoming cards will be published on the GalleriKG52 webiste and exhibited in Gallery KG52, Stockholm in August 2010. We will also publish the ones we like the best in a small book edition.

. the cards to Edvard Derkert, Galleri KG52, Kammakargatan 52, 11160 Stockholm, Sweden
2. a digital version of the file saved in jpg, highest quality. 1000 x 709 pixels, or something close to that to info@dad.a.se

These are the famous Peabody ducks from the famous hotel in Memphis.  We saw the ducks and picked up the postcards several years ago.