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pinhole camera


honoria in ciberspazio

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Caves of Doom
pinhole camera
Yesterday I scanned the flip side of Kiyotei's piece, a photoshopped imaginative landscape called Caves of Doom. I just wrote a note asking him to talk about the way he makes computer graphics for mail art. Yesterday I bought some wonderful oil pastels for 1/2 price. They are Sennelier from France and they are so yummy. They were mismarked. This chapter is now 40 pages and I'm cruising to the end of the first draft. I will make an appointment with Amanda on the Wednesday after Thanksgiving to edit it and voila send it to John. Then I have to write a conclusion then the introduction and then fuss with the references and the final formatting. Kay has been a great cheerleader.

Reading Islands in the Stream brings back flashes and splashes of my Florida vacation even if it is sad.

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eye just opened the mail TODAY !
and found sum ol' 30 year ol' mail
from G J DE ROOK entitled: STEM PELK UNST
and will send it on to you if you ask for T42.
and KOALAfy your question with a 30 year ol' question smirk.

oh... RAISE COTILLION continues
all lions must wear coat tails and
tell tall tale soires.

Love (the apparatus not the event)
Eyelash Curlers (the performers not the mechanical device, this time)
rain rien nevermind

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