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Anatomy Critique: Skills build up

This critique challenge is used during class between drawings of the model to promote value drawing, anatomy accuracy, critical analysis, and communication skills.

First: Create drawings
Students draw with the Anatomy book open, selecting certain aspects of the model to emphasize based on the student's position in relation to the model and the lighting on the model.

Second: Present your work to class
Describe anatomical emphasis and drawing techniques used in your own drawing.

Third: Review the work of another student
Describe anatomical emphasis and storytelling of the work of a fellow student.

Anatomy students use worksheet to do focused critique for anatomy studies.  May 2010 Art Institute of Austin, Drawing and Anatomy taught by Honoria Starbuck


Open book Art Show Critique:  Peck’s Anatomy for Artists.


Instructions: Draw from the model then answer these questions about your drawing. Read your answers and point out your  anatomical references to the class.

What muscles are contracting what muscles are stretching in the pose? Be specific.
Where can you clearly see:

Definition of the shape of a muscle? Name the muscle defined
Definition between two muscles? Name the muscles defined?

Anatomy and storytelling.

Instructions: Draw from the model then answer these questions about the drawing to the right of your drawing.

What is the feeling or mood of the drawing? What anatomical or compositional elements in the drawing contribute to the overall feeling of the pose?
What anatomical form is closest to you as the viewer?  How do you know this anatomical form is in the foreground?


  • Using the book students were able to build professional level vocabulary usage when speaking about their work and the work of their peers. 
  • Using the book students were able to define specific anatomical forms on the model with increasing precision through the use of shading techniques.
  • Using the handout students were able to craft concise analysis and critique of their own and the work of their fellow students.
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