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Gesture students at work

Gesture Class Summer 2010
These 2 classes in gesture drawing are showing drawings with layers based on the content of Chapter 2 of Exploring Drawing for Animation.  The first layer is the gesture from the model in a light medium, the second layer is the contour drawing also from the model in a bolder art supply.  Then from imagination and memory we added more layers ::  the space of the drawing so that students get involved in composition and background even in fast poses.  This will really help with drawing storyboards:-) and the final layer was fun - add a hydra head for one, or add any background - artist's choice.


I've developed a few new approaches to the course.  One approach is that students present the textbook material.  A  team of 2  students create a short presentation each week on the content of the current chapter reading.  The results of the students doing the lecturing means that they start to work more as a team with shifting leadership roles.  I reinforce the contents of the chapter by dovetailing the studio drawing assignments with content from the chapter.  So far this student teacher strategy is paying off in attention to the material and students shouldering responsibility for their own learning.  I also ask them to come up with 3 questions from the material that will serve as a mid-term review and some of those questions will be on the exam.

Gesture Class on big photo background paper. Finally, the photography studio threw away more background paper so we played the draw yourself out of a vicious model valkyrie attack.  I really want to get a recording of Ride of the Valkyries to play during these group gesture drawing exercises.
Tags: gesture drawing, life drawing, teaching

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