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Political Mail art

Like Padin, Bleus uses mail art for political messages. Encased in mail art techniques, these messages move in aesthetic containers in which they extend to a wider and more diverse audience than a local speech, demonstration, or publication could reach. Mail artists do not produce purely political or purely artistic statements; they combine messages and techniques to increase the power of the message and the potential for connection to a wide audience. The addition of the Internet to the distribution system of these political messages brings them to yet more potential receivers.

I wrote about 3 artists today. Padin, Bleus, and Alvey. That is the last of the interpretations for this chapter. I'm working on the conclusions of the postcard chapter. Hopefully done tomorrow. Will get the computer to read the chapter to me and then figure out the patterns and trends in the non-traditonal data, the real pieces of mailed art.

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