honoriartist (honoriartist) wrote,

Tuesday Gesture Class does Femme Narcissus

Tuesday Gesture Class had a great day.  I got rather frustrated with one student and then apologized for "yelling at him"  He said, "No problem, that's how I learn.  That's how my mother taught me."  So I said if anyone wants me to yell at them raise your hand.  Now this class has not asked for help,  I just cruise the class offering advice.  I did not REALLY yell at the student, just demonstrated a technique with force.  After that back and forth and announcement, students raised their hands for the rest of the session and said, "I want you to yell at me."  Meaning I'd like some help with this drawing.  For some reason my getting frustrated with one student broke the ice for the others to actively seek critique and suggestions.  Teaching is weird.  The students made great strides today and the whole class moved forward toward better figure drawing compositions.

In this challenge the model posed as a female narcissus looking at herself in the pond.

Tags: life drawing, teaching

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