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Teaching Week Fun

This week has been break through week for the gesture classes.  Chapter 6 in the text book integrates the gesture/figure with the background.  The text discusses architectural elements and landscape elements.  Since students have mostly studied perspective using architecture we focus on landscape and in this case we went outside in 100 degree heat to draw 3 five-minute poses in the trees.  The work was so exciting that after we came inside and did a critique of the work the class enthusiastically requested to go out into the heat again to draw a second set.

Class Outside
Honoria's Gestrure Class drawing outside August 2010

Class inside
Honoria's class showing off chapter 6 class drawings of model and tree August 2010

Some hybrid creatures from the trees...
Jackie's amazing Tuesday creature AG10 Arthur's amazing hybrid tree creature AG10 Student drawing from the gesture class AG10
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