honoriartist (honoriartist) wrote,

Observational Drawing on Toned Paper

Observational Drawing class Week 8 Drawings on toned paper.  Honoria Starbuck's AIA class Summer 2010

The students were doing lackadaisical work on cheap and flimsy paper. It was clear they were going to muddle on.  So suddenly I said, "Get up, come on we are going to the book store.  Bring money!"

They were a bit taken aback. I marched them to the front of the Canson Mi Teintes tower of colored charcoal paper and STRONGLY encouraged them to buy a sheet or go in together to buy a sheet to share.  Everyone bought one or half a sheet.

Then we went back to drawing.  Just look at the depth and the energy of these drawings.  It was an amazing vitalization.  I sincerely hope that my students will invest in good paper for the last few drawings of the semester.
Tags: drawing, student drawings, teaching

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