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pinhole camera


honoria in ciberspazio

gallery + reflections

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TAD The Art Department in Downtown Austin
pinhole camera
Yesterday's drawing.
females = me plus our model. 
friendly atmosphere. 

Ink and pastel drawing of nude by Honoria Starbuck Pastel, conte, and Ink drawing of nude model taking a break TAD 11Sp10 Honoria Starbuck

At the end I took a silly meta view with these cartoons.

Ink life drawing cartoon by Honoria Starbuck 11SP10 TAD open studio Life Drawing cartoon by Honoria Starbuck TAD 11SP10

These are 24 X 18 inches on 90 lb. Canson drawing paper. 

I am very excited about the new energy around life drawing.  TAD has a serious academic drawing environment full of serious explorations in value and light logic.  Of course, I was there to explore what might creatively arise in the new situation and to observe the culture of concept artists in the making.  By academic drawing I mean methods of drawing emphasizing laws of perspective, chiaroscuro, and three-dimensional anatomy. 

One thing puzzled me. Although a number of artists were drawing on toned paper in the mid-tone gray or warm browns no one used a white or light medium to indicate the highlights.  In all academic drawing the highlights and the high key values would have been added in white charcoal or pastel or ink.  Puzzle.