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pinhole camera


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Expressive Drawing Layer
pinhole camera
A link to a video on expressive drawing came with the AARP magazine and I used the technique to mix it up with our layers drawing technique this week.


In class we used the 3-step exercise described in the video. Walk up to the drawing and create marks, immediately walk away. Walk up again and create marks and walk away. Finally the last part is to walk up to drawing rub out parts and walk away. Students used the resulting expressive drawing as a background for their observed figure study. Here are the drawings.

The students enjoyed the fast action walking around and working next to each other to make the paper messy and they were all able to adapt to the existing forms on the page to shift gears from abstraction into representational drawing. In some drawings the background became a strong element and in others, students used the expressive layer as a softened ambient element for the composition as they added the drawing of the model.

The reaction was that the activity was fun as well as challenging. Students wanted to do it again so we did. This activity increases design flexibility which is important when dealing with the work of other artists on animation teams.