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pinhole camera


honoria in ciberspazio

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Doable concept for the whole
pinhole camera
I am considering some conclusions and the craft of the whole thing. It will be about 200 pages or more probably. This chapter has 54 pages and I think the essay chapter has over 60 so pages are mounting up. I think the two 30 page literature review chapters will to shrink a bit in rewrite now that I know the main thrust of the evidence. We have a couple weeks of vacation coming up for Christmas and I hope to work on the whole thing at a big picture level and come out of the holiday with a tight and doable concept for the whole book.

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Dr BeenAway and his Vacant Christmas Poetry Lot

honoria jar jer blinks say.:

Dr. Beenaway and wezas would love to have the whole book, in its entire itty...bitty betty boopdah universightyness
Sew Wes sigh can chop it into celery and stalk it up to living
the good life. Those were the days when the Cherry Blossoms Absorbed Washington and you couldn't waft past Kenny D's eternal flame without floating away Over under the laughraft where the women
and children and "I'm the Doctor" float freeform from all foam and froth...

chapter and book manuscript

Hi Rain Rien Nevermind,
I will soon-hopefully-send you the chapter containing the essay about you. It's in final edits now and my advisor has not given me any feedback on an earlier draft yet. When my advisor OKs it, I'll send you a copy of the chapter so you can approve or correct it in context with the other essays. I hope the dissertation will be finished so I can graduate in the spring, but it might not be until the summer. Then the manuscript will go online so you and all the other mail artists will be able to see the whole thing. More traditional mail artists may be disappointed in the report because it mostly ignores mail art history and focuses on current trends and attitudes. I will also mount the exhibition and produce documentation in a traditional mail art style. Hope your auctions are going well.


YES aironoh
I have found a way to list auctions
and then cancle them before gerrit de rook
gets a chance to bid on them, which is just
what inner-naught mail lark squeezes, maybe it will
save gerrit having to explain another 80 thousand dollar art salad.
Baby Vicky BoogieWoogie MAILED THE WARMED OVER GHOST DANCE OF MAY WILSON TODAY another contribution to our wonderful Women and Men who CARRY on the traditional fine art of delivery.

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