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Van Gogh Day in Observational Drawing

At the end of the semester I bring in sunflowers and we have Van Gogh Day.  Sunflowers are a great challenge to students and it really tests their problem-solving skills and puts all the objectives in the course on the line.

In this activity we built on last weeks' expressive background making by going outside and being inspired by the sky and clouds to create a background for the sunflowers.
Note to self:  At this stage everyone using pastel should spray the background layer with workable fixative.

Next we came inside and worked on the composition of the drawing then they worked for 2 sets of 20 minute drawing time.  After the first 20 minutes we hung the drawings on the board and looked at them to decide next steps toward completion and discussed challenges students where having with the drawings.

I'm pleased with this Van Gogh Day in terms of integrating the 5 perceptual skills with the energy of the outside.
What do you think?

Van Gogh Day in Observational Drawing Van Gogh Day in Observational Drawing

Observational Drawing Class on Van Gogh Day
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