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pinhole camera


honoria in ciberspazio

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recluctant volunteerism
pinhole camera
When you volunteer to do something in the future, it should stay in the future.

But the day came yesterday.
I volunteered to work with other faculty on the East Side Studio Tour.  Diane and Jen did a fabulous job on the installation of the work.  I brought a performance piece based on the wandering pencil exercise I do in class.  I asked visitors to scribble on a sheet of paper and I made a character out of their scribble.  If they wanted to buy the scribble character they could for $5, thus I might recover cost of materials.  I sold this one to Chris who works for the IRS.

doodle drawing by Honoria and Chris from East Austin Studio Tour NV 2010 
Chris was friends with a Jazz musician named James to whom I gave this spontaneous painting.  Chris hung out and talked for a long time about Jazz and Art.  Good times.
Messing with paint while talking to James Robinson.  Honoria Starbuck NV 2010
These are notes on my conversation with Chris about why my students prefer not to listen to jazz while drawing.  Chris said that jazz is intellectual and takes a long attention span and young adult students do not have long attention spans:-)

diffusion character Honoria Starbuck NV10
Spending an afternoon watching India ink diffuse is a pleasant path.  Today I will go back with other art supplies and see what happens.
Did you know?
India Ink is traditionally a carbon black ink mixed with gum and resin, molded into sticks. The name 'India Ink' is thought to be a misnomer which originated in Europe when this ink, actually from China, was imported via the Indies.