honoriartist (honoriartist) wrote,

Dr. Sketchy Austin November 14, 2010

Immediately after the East Austin Tour was Dr. Sketchy with Dallas model Taffeta Darlin
She wore a very uplifting corset for the first set and an Adult Swim cartoon costume for the end.
I sat in the front row with no room to move because all the stand up easels were full of drawings for the open house.

Model from Dr. Sketchy Austin NV2010 graphite by honoria starbuck India ink on watercolor paper NV2010 Dr. Sketchy Austin by honoria ink wash drawing by Honoria from Dr. Sketchy Austin Ink and graphite drawing by Honoria Starbuck from Dr. Sketchy Austin November 2010
Tags: dr. sketchy, graphite, inida ink, life drawing

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